Netflix Login or Streaming Issues?

You’ve just gotten home from a long day at the office.

You take off your shoes, grab a beer, and flop onto the couch.  Your computer is already open, Netflix in the browser from last night, and then you can’t log in.


Can’t. Log. In.

Because Netflix as a site has to keep its website in tip-top shape, it doesn’t happen often, but what if it does?

Everyone wonders: what is the real reason behind these login or streaming issues?

  • Sometimes, Netflix undergoes site maintenance and has to de-cookie and de-funk whatever is clogging up their system.  This happens rarely, but when it does, they are certain to inform their viewers what is going on.  Make sure this is not the case right from the get go.
  • Make sure you’re trying to log into the site from the full web address, and not from a shortened version. Use the full “http” address. Sometimes, the world wide web is not a perfect operation, so we have to pay attention to the details.
  • Clear your cookies.  Not a lot of people know this trick, but you can erase them if you go to  Again, all of the ads and unwanted garbage that sails through cyberspace makes everything less likely to work, so its important to clear them.
  • If you’re still having trouble, the best option you have is calling Netflix at 866-716-0414.  They’re available 24/7, even if you’re having issues at odd hours, they will be able to help you out, with any luck.
  • If your troubles are strictly streaming-related, calling Netflix is still an option for you, but take a deep breath and check your internet connection first.  Chances are the dog, the kid, or a sprite unplugged your cord (or at least loosened it) and you’ll get your connection back in no time.  
  • If your internet is working normally otherwise, but you’re still struggling with buffering or pausing, you can check how much data you’re using online and increase it.

Hopefully you’re not reading this article because you are having login or streaming issues with Netflix.  

But, if you are, best of luck resolving your issues with the help of these tips.

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