Unblock Netflix

If you just have access to the Canadian version, there is certainly one thing you want to do – unblock Netflix!

Not everybody knows that, but all the different content available in the overseas versions of Netflix, such as the USA or the UK or Australian versions, can also be accessed through your Canadian Netflix account.

They set up their accounts so that you would have instant access to that edition of their content library if you were traveling overseas and signed in. Makes sense.

The good news is that you can literally make your internet connection look as though it’s overseas with a bit of simple technological wizardry, and trick Netflix into letting you into their whole catalog – now that’s the Netflix unblock I’m talking about!

How To Unblock Netflix

It is as easy as having a VPN. This tool makes your connection look like it is overseas as it connects to the Netflix server. This allows you access to the content they have on offer for that region.

A good tool to use is ExpressVPN – they have a free trial so you can check it out and see what you think. They also have detailed guides on their site to set things up.

There are also plenty of tips on how to do this on this blog,  so please check them out and do favor for yourself today – unblock Netflix.

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